Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hello Everyone, How are you all?
I hope everyone is keeping track of my creative movements, I'm busy creating issue 2 at the moment, and may I say it is coming on swimmingly! Just a quick note to say If anyone wants a copy of the preview issue or issue 1, you can contact me directly through Facebook, Just follow the link in the previous post.

I have a couple of posters and issue 1 available on Etsy at the moment which is a site for small businesses and you can't get much smaller than mine. Just follow this link,

As always Thankyou for following what's going on here and stay tuned for more in the future, Support independent comics and keep on reading!

Ta Da!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ready and Raring to go!

Hello, and I welcome myself back with open arms. 
I've left my Blog on its own for a while and I'm feeling a little guilty.....The lure of facebook can be incredibly tempting as you can see: 

I've been posting the majority of my new stuff on there, however this doesn't mean I'm giving this blog up, oh no! Well as I always say, it's been a while and so I'm coming back to my first home with good tidings. e.g. I've finished issue 1! It's back from the printers and all nice and shiny and ready to transfer itself into the public's hands.

This unfortunately is a little more limited than the preview issue, in so far as that I've only printed 50 copies! That is because this new issue is printed on lovely glossy paper and is full colour throughout, this may seem extravagant but I hope you agree with me in saying that colour is so much more fun. But sadly more expensive!!

I'm off to the Bristol Comic Expo this weekend, full details here;  

All items in the photo will be for sale, I have numerous bits and bobs, plus a sketchbook so I may hand out a little free sketch here and there. In keeping with that theme check out this link;

It was a sketch I did last year at the Birmingham comic show, not bad!