Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Little History

How It All Happened!

I’ve been doing this a while now and it’s just struck me that no one really knows how I came to be doing this, or even how I came up with the idea!
So in the interest of transparency….Like it’s meant to be a secret!? I’m providing a little history;
It all started about 10 years ago, watching an episode of ‘Spaced’.
Describing a proposed night out in the city, Tim puts forward his proposal in the form of some lovely pencil illustrations. One in particular caught my attention, it was of him throwing up! I don’t know why this grabbed me like it did, I suppose it was the way in which the muscles in the neck portrayed such a violent expulsion from the throat. It was so over the top, intense and expressive, the sinewy way in which it was drawn fascinated me and ultimately started my little mind working.

Being a fan of comics and having some imagination I started to wonder if once the liquid was expelled from the body and landed in the toilet bowl if a strange chemical reaction could take place and perhaps some creature would be produced. This was genesis! From that point on I started to develop the idea, I’m interested in Evolution and the advances in stem cell and genetic research, mapping the human genome etc. and from this, with perhaps not too much research I started to develop the world in which my characters would exist. I created a world where environmental disaster resulting from human over population created a civil war resulting in the rise of a totalitarian regime. This regime in control of its brutal police force would ensure that the population would be tightly controlled to prevent another severe disaster. Consequently people are unable to have children without the express permission of the state. Due to this oppressive regime and the advances in medical and genetic science and technology rogue scientists experiment with gene splicing, mixing and mutating creating odd creatures which in comic book world would give me plenty of scope for character creation and push a story forward.

Once I’d figured out the main character base I decided to write a script.

I’ve never written extensively before and this was my first experiment with it. This I understand doesn’t fill you all with confidence, but I can tell you all this, once I started writing it all just flowed out of me. It took me about three months to fully write the script and develop it into a story, which in turn developed into 12 chapters and is now being formed into 12 issues!

Even now the end of issue twelve can develop into more issues, I’ve got scenarios and characters in my head ready for the script. I’ve always wanted to do this ever since I was a child and I’m loving drawing new stuff. I thank you very much for taking a look at my work and I hope you stick with me, because I assure you the story gets more and more intense and exciting! If you have any comments or just want to say hi, please get in touch!

Thank you