Monday, 5 September 2011

New stuff! Hooray!

Hello everyone...I've noticed lately that some artists use blue pencil before inking, I've been assured that this is the professional way to do things, and to be honest I've seen Trystan Mitchell do it and it looks incredibly good!
So, as I'm very obviously easily led I've decided to give it a go, I'm not sure if I'll continue because it's all new, but anyway as I'm rambling, here it is! It will eventually be inked and then I'll work the magic with photoshop and then it'll probably be for sale...these are all characters from the book by the way.

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  1. Great work Neil (and thanks for the big up :D)! I used to scan b&w pencil art and create a separate line channel for it, printing it out blue for inking (I hate losing the original pencils!)Then I discovered the joy of Pentel clutch pencils and their blue's odd on the eye to be sketching in blue at first but I genuinely prefer it these the big advantage of not getting HALF as much smearing as using regular graphite. It also gives a really clean finish when you scan back in to separate the inked art.