Monday, 25 February 2013

I've been away for some time now!

Hi All,

I've not posted since Thought Bubble last year, so I thought it a wise idea to keep everyone up to date. I worked on a few pages for a 2000AD competition, of which I didn't win but was chosen to go into the final. The winner was Will Morris [ A much deserved winner! Here are the 4 pages I submitted


I have been working on issue 2 of 'Carcass and Slime' But it is taking some time.

I have recently had to stop working on the new issue because there has been a number of family concerns of which I have had to deal with. This does not mean that I have finished with my work, It just means I have to take a break to sort out the few things that are very close to me. 
It is very difficult to even pick up a pencil right now. 
I'm sure all artists are aware that sometimes we are not in the right mental state to be able to be much as we would like to be. 
I hope that you all stay with me and that you will be patient. As I've said I will not give up! It's just that I need a little time.

Thankyou all for your interest.

As always I will keep you posted!

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